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PRGF (Plasma Rich Growth Factor) Faclift

A modern regenerative technique with proven incredible results. Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins, which can be used by us to repair and regenerate tissue. A simple reliable quick procedure. A small amount of your blood is drawn from your arm, then platelet rich plasma is obtained and injected into your face or neck.

Benefits are youthful vibrant looking skin, fewer wrinkles and lines, treating eczema and hair loss. No synthetic fillers or toxins are used and no surgery is required.

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fa face

PGRF treatment can activate tissue re-generation helping improve appearance, tone and elasticity. The natural production of the cells themselves of hyaluronic acid is stimulated, negating the need for treatments with hyaluronic acid from a different origin. Increased secretion of collagen and elastin is promoted which greatly improves the condition and consistency of the skin.

Treatments start from £300, free consultation.done
PRGF - Treating female pattern hair loss.

PGRF has been shown in studies to stimulate the renewal of blood vessels in the scalp. This has been proved very effective in the treatment of baldness and receding hairlines.

Whether visible thinning or pronounced reduction in hair on the crown, female pattern hair loss can have a pronounced effect on the person.

PGRF has been shown to have a marked effect upon the rejuvenation of hair within 4 months of the start of the treatment.

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