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Single Teeth Implants

A gap of a single missing tooth is one of the most common implant treatments. We provide you with a long term treatment improving your smile and self confidence.

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Single Front Tooth

A missing front tooth can have a huge impact on your appearance and confidence.

Dental implants provide a fixed in place tooth, matched with its shape and colour exactly to your mouth

Single Back Tooth

Missing teeth replacement gives you back your ability to chew. If teeth are not replaced, the potential loss of bone can allow lips to sink inwards.

Fewer teeth also means the remaining teeth have to work harder which can cause fillings and crowns to fail earlier.


The majority of all patients are suitable for implants, and implants have an extremely high rate of success.

During a consultation a detailed examination is done mitigating any risks and informing you of any issues from the outset.

Problems our experience will help with could be not having adequate bone structure or that a sinus lift may be required.

Benefits over Dentures

There is no need for implants to be removed at night, and as they are fixed there is no chance of movement during talking and chewing.

Implants last longer than dentures, and also reduce the damage to your remaining teeth prolonging their life.

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Multiple Teeth Implants

Implants offer an alternative to dentures when replacing missing teeth, don't need to be taken out at night and will not get loose.

Unlike dentures they will not attract plaque or tartar there by damaging your other teeth.

Implants are securely fixed in place, which has obvious benefits!

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