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Root Treatment

Root canal or endodontic treatment involves removing any infection or bacteria from the root canal system.

Teeth are living parts of the body, and are comprised of

  • Enamel - the hard outer covering

  • Dentine - a softer material under the enamel

  • Cementum - hard material covering the root

  • Dental Pulp - contains the blood supply and nerve

The root canal system consists of the dental pulp and runs from the base of the tooth all the way to the crown.

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What is involved?

In order to treat the root canal, the bacteria will need to be removed. This can take several visits to us, depending on the condition, shape of the nerve canal, and state of the infection. We use fine metal instruments called files to clean and shape the canal.

Before receiving treatment you will be given a local anaesthetic, so that treatment is not painful, no worse than getting a filling.

Following Treatment

After treatment it is important to look after your teeth and bite hard foods until treatment is complete. You may experience some soreness or tenderness in the mouth after treatment.

Occasionally, root treated teeth can appear darker, if necessary you can discuss with us further cosmetic treatment.

Root treated teeth have already managed to withstand a considerable amount of damage, so it may be necessary to protect the tooth with a crown. Whilst root treatment may have saved the tooth, it could still be vulnerable to breaking.

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