Complaints Procedure

If you ever have cause to complain we will set about resolving your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible.
These are the steps we will take:

1. Acknowledging your complaint
Your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 days of being received. The acknowledgement letter may include a request for more specific details of your complaint.

2. Investigating your complaint
Your complaint will always be investigated by the practice manager or your dentist. We may telephone you for any additional information we need.

3. Resolving your complaint
The complaint handler will analyse all the facts and come to a conclusion that takes full account of these. We try to do this without any delays but to do a thorough job may take some time, depending on the complexities of the case.

4. Informing you of our decision
The complaint handler will write to you with a full account of the investigation and of our decision.

If you do not accept our final decision in the matter, you can contact the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Tel. 0345 015 4033